Computer Languages

Systems Analysis and Design Tutorial

There are many different computer languages in use today.

Although more powerful computer languages are widely used today, many businesses continue to operate old lapplication systems written in legacy languages such as COBOL.

There are a number of factors that determine which computer languages are used when an application system in constructed.

Factors include technical considerations (e.g. computer hardware, operating system, database management system) and non-technical considerations (e.g. existing skill sets, IT strategic decisions)

Examples of programming languages in used today are: BASIC, C++, Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic.

computer languages

In general, most businesses prefer to minimize the number of computer languages that they use.  This allows their IT staff to become proficient with those languages and thereby reduce system development, maintenance and enhancement costs.

When application systems are purchase, however, they often use languages that are not currently supported by the business.  This can increase ongoing system support costs for the IT department.

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