Types of Application Systems

Systems Analysis and Design Tutorial

There are many different types of computer systems.

Some application systems are small, stand-alone systems that run on a desktop computer that are used by just one individual.  Other application systems are very large and complex and can be used by hundreds of people in different geographic locations.

Some application systems are centralized on a mainframe computer.  Others are distributed across multiple computers.

These “client-server” applications have software components running on client machines (e.g. presentation logic) and other components (e.g. data validation rules, data management functionality) running on one or more server machines.

Types of Application Systems

Some application systems are designed for “self service” by customers.  These online applications and IVR applications (Interactive Voice Recognition Systems) are designed to guide infrequent or untrained users through transactions step-by-step.

Other applications are designed for employees who provide “personal service” to customers via a call centre or at a kiosk.

Users of these systems normally require system training but are then able to process large volumes of transactions expeditiously.  These systems normally handle both "standard"  and “exception” type transactions.

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